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About Many questions answered + contact information.

Blizzard Winter is coming...

Blooming Structures Architecture meets biology.

Book I am writing a book about creative programing on Canvas API.

Canvas Resources for creative programing using Canvas API.

Cells A visual arts take on the classic computer science program.

Clock Stressed out clock to remind us about time running out.

Doodlebot Doodlebots are coming!

Fish DNA Large, but finite school of fish.

Library The stuff I read, find fascinating and push on my friends.

Lost You might be looking for love, but you get lost - humble 404 page.

Typographic Love There are many kinds of love.

Map You are here. Alphabetical list of all pages.

Maze Get lost in the patterns of symmetry.

Menu Yes, menu has its own page!

Moleskine Where the ideas are born.

NorthSec 2022 Projections for the cybersecurity conference.

Projects Complete list of my creative coding projects.

Rainbow A playful take on the cheerful symbol of the pandemic.

Scrambler Computational glitch art experiment.

UX Incomplete manifesto of the UX practitioner.

Waves 21st century tribute to the 20th century abstract painter.